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A historic Mother’s Day weekend

Mummy, toddler bond

It's safe to say that this Mother's Day weekend is going to go down in history. Whether you are social distancing, self-isolating or working to keep the country going, there's no hiding from the fact that we're at the beginning of a pandemic. With schools closed, pubs and restaurants closed and shops shutting up and down the high street we're all being forced to make our own entertainment in the safety of own our homes whether we like it or not.

At weekend one I almost admire the motivation the pandemic has given to my neighbours, out mowing their lawns, cleaning their houses and basically getting their homes together. Though for myself, well I have a toddler who seems to be avoiding sleep at the moment, so I'm not sharing that burst of energy one little bit. In fact I've seen the weekend as an opportunity to do as little as possible around the house.

For me, my every day reality is looking after my little boy anyway, so not a lot is going to change there. There'll just be more people living my reality, understanding the pain of never ever going to the toilet alone (but any time you do get there alone, you'll sit there for longer), and trying to get an unreasonable toddler to stick to some sort of routine. If that's you, don't panic, I promise it's not all painful. The love my toddler gives me in return is probably the best thing ever, your little person really could be your best friend.

This might not be the Mother's Day we planned and we might be missing those we love, but right now we have to take things one day at a time. As long as we all look after each other there'll be other Mother's Days, and plenty more reasons to celebrate. So whatever you do at these uncertain times, just be as happy as you can with what you are doing. We don't need to follow the crowd, we don't have to do anything new, we just need to keep safe.

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Thursday, 20 January 2022