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About Me

IMG2760I started this site, my blog, for me because I might be a mum and I’m as guilty about having a conversation about pooh as any other new mum, but despite all that I’m still me. So here’s a bit about me, the person behind the computer. 

Grew up on a farm
I grew up with my family on my grandparents dairy farm which today is home to the Caenhill Countryside Centre. I spent a lot of my childhood talking to the cows, making dens and looking after cats with my Nan. I have a lot of happy memories from the farm and I’m happy it’s still part of the family.

Caenhill Countryside Centre
The amazing project based on a small piece of the English countryside is run by my parents and I’m really proud to volunteer to support the project in any way I can. Although I’ve sadly moved away from the farm, I regularly visit with my little boy to help out and take photos. Away from the farm I’m here to plan in shoutouts, write the weekly blog, help with media requests and answer questions. 

Mum to my little boy and our cat
I became a mum in 2018 when my little boy arrived on his due date. I found becoming a mum exhausting, challenging and lonely so I started blogging to make sense of it all, it just took me a couple of years and a pandemic to start publishing anything. Now I have an energetic toddler and a blog to write, it seems like the perfect time to get a cat, so now we have Teddy and you can see that story on Teddy’s page.

Worked in public relations
I’m now a stay at home mum, but previously I worked in Administration, Public Relations and Employee Communications. I have some great memories from my working career involving face paint, rugby players, virtual reality systems and pop stars. I’m now volunteering at the farm to develop my skills set.

Love writing
My career really helped to develop my writing skills and gave me the confidence to move my writing away from my diary and to a blog. When I’m not blogging, or busy with life as a mum and part of an incredible Caenhill CC team, I enjoy writing reviews too. The reviews are only on websites for now and just for fun, but who knows, I might bring some here. 

Love taking photos
I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, but I love it even more with my son, my cat and the CaenhillCC animals to capture. I love taking natural shots capturing a moment, even though it can take a lot of patience.

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