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I wish I was two

My two year old

​As I get to the end of my day, one where my toddler has been refusing to nap or be reasonable, I can't help but feel jealous. I mean, wouldn't it be great to be two again. Ok, so wearing nappies does make it that bit less appealing, but hear me out.

My first point, and this is the one I'm really jealous of, is he can sleep any time he likes. Yep, tired after a big lunch, sleep, exhausted after a long day out, sleep, didn't sleep well at night, sleep. You get the picture. The worst bit is, my toddler doesn't utilise this anywhere near enough, it's a privilege totally wasted on him. He'd much prefer to stay awake and make me have fake phone calls or find something to have a complete meltdown about while I struggle to keep my eyes open.

Secondly, any time he does any cleaning he's showered with praise. All he has to do is pick up a duster and all of a sudden he's the best toddler ever. Yes, I know, I shower him in praise too, but I don't know how long his want to clean will last, I need to utilise it. It's not something I'm annoyed with, just wouldn't it be amazing for people to realise when I clean, or tell me how clever I am for cleaning the windows. Ok, it might be a bit patronising for people to tell me I'm clever for cleaning, but wouldn't it be nice to do the small amount of cleaning he does and still get a thank you every time.

Next there's the fact that at two years old, adults will make you whatever you want (within reason) to get you to eat or drink. My little one gets hot chocolate, fresh smoothies, sweetcorn fritters, freshly baked banana loaf, basically he eats so much better than me. He has a cupboard full of snacks both at home and at his Nanny's house for any time he gets hungry, or grumpy, or even just feels like having something to eat. When he does eat, he can get away with eating whatever he likes too, no diet in sight.

Then when you've slept and eaten, you have the freedom to do what you like, well, within reason. You can binge watch even the most rubbish of television shows, cover the house in stickers, and basically wait to be entertained. Us parents will do anything to occupy our kids, from rewinding what you're watching to hear the same tedious song (just like I'm doing right now with the carrot song, you don't want to know), to dancing around to those tedious songs, or getting paint and glue out. There's no homework, or housework, or even blogs to worry about, you just get to play, watch and have fun.

Finally, when it gets to the end of the day, he really doesn't have a worry in the world, he just lives each day as it comes. Even with COVID-19 (sorry, I got so far without mentioning it) he is blissfully unaware of what's going on in the world and simply focuses on his own little world. He has love, hugs, snacks, lots of kitchen toys and equipment to play with and nothing else matters.

I know I can't be two again, or have the same luxuries, but he's so grateful for all he has and I'm sure that's something I can learn from.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2024