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Taking the leap to stop our gymnastics

My little gymnast

Another day, another lesson. Just like before, I constantly checked my emails because you never know when guidance will change at the moment, we're seeing new information all the time. But gymnastics still went ahead. We love gymnastics, it's the one place I can let my son go crazy without too much fear, plenty of crash mats and a spring loaded floor to soften any fall, wish I could install all this at home. I really don't know why we see so few boys at our gymnastics school, but that's another discussion.

As we headed into the lesson after a fun drive trying to keep my little boy awake, I was far more aware that I was putting my trust into the school's guidance by showing up. Though the place looked cleaner than ever, as I said hello to our class mates I realised it wasn't the school itself I should worry about, it's everyone we're sharing it with. How many people had actually followed the guidance and washed their hands, and their little one's hands, before heading into the gymnastics studio?

I hate to say it, but it was a scary thought, especially as I didn't witness any other person washing their hands. Surely this is general hygiene with some of the best germ sharers around?

I was at least rewarded for my bravery/stupidity (call it whatever you like). My little boy had an amazing gymnastics class. At two years and one month old he's mastered jumping, and he jumps better than me, though that's not difficult.

As we headed home I had the sad realisation that this would be our last gymnastics class for a while, I'd better get on and order some crash mats then, even if the school remains open. I don't think I can risk it, it's too easy for any germs to spread. I just hope, for the sake of our amazing teachers, that the other parents still heading to gymnastics will follow the guidelines as closely as they can. We all have our part to play right now and we can all make a difference.

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Thursday, 20 January 2022