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We’ve made it one week

Stuck in the house

Ok, I know it's a bit more than a week since lockdown, but I really wanted to talk about the last week. Even though it's only a small milestone in the grand scheme of things, having a milestone reached still feels like something to me.

I know what some people are thinking, I look after my toddler all day every day anyway, not much has changed. How I wish that was true. But really, even being a stay at home parent can't prepare you for staying in the house day after day. My ideas ran out ages ago, and I still can't understand why as a mum to a toddler I only have one pair of jogging bottoms. Even my wardrobe isn't prepared for this. But while I contemplate my poor wardrobe choices, there are certainly a few things to be thankful for.

For example, my toddler appears to be pretty resilient. When I've run out of ideas, or he laughs off my attempts at online toddler classes, a bit of sand and water is all he needs. I'm pretty sure he feels like he's been to the beach even though we've only been in our sandpit in the garden. Then when he's missing the wider family, we just have a FaceTime chat and he's quite convinced that they are right there in the room. In fact he's only shown signs of missing the outside world once, and though he can't really talk, grabbing the car keys and unlocking the door was clear enough.

Then there's how relaxed some aspects of life have become. There's no rushing around making sure I have shaved my legs the night before swimming to avoid terrify the other mums. In fact, since my son has discovered Tractor Ted I can shower whenever I like, there's no worry about what he might do while he's not got my full attention and there's no set time that we need to be ready for. I have no pressure to arrange daily activities, no worry about who might be free when I'm missing adult company, and no need to panic about missing get togethers because of naps or illness.

In fact, I think I might be a little too relaxed. While those with no children or older children are cleaning their houses from top to bottom and over again (this really would have been me as well) I've barely cleaned the house once. Don't get me wrong, I've picked up the hoover a few times and put some washing on, but surely there's loads of time to clean. When have we ever been so sure that nobody will see the pure mess that is taking over our houses.

Don't get me wrong, it's not all been happy and relaxed, we've had our fair share of tears and tantrums too, and that's just from me. There are people we miss massively, places we miss, classes we miss and don't even get me started on the coffee. But we can't focus on the things outside of our control, there's really nothing we can do about that. The main thing is we're here, we're trying to stay safe and for now I feel like I'm coping.

Until next time, stay safe.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2024