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Why I’m blogging

Me and my boy last October

You might be wondering why I decided to write my own blog just as the world is struck with a pandemic, and some days I ask myself that very question too. You see, I have a toddler, so while some of you out there are taking the opportunity to catch up on a box set or two, or learn something new, I'm still struggling to go to the toilet by myself.

But as life started to change into the unknown, I realised that however my two year old deals with all of this, he's really never going to remember it. He's not going to remember all of the times I told him to stop playing with the toilet paper because we were lucky to have some, or even the amount of times he's told me where to sit when I need a wee (and I'm sure we'll both be pleased he won't remember that). All of this will just be a story to him, and what that story looks like is completely in my hands.

We'll all have the common stories about the lines of people outside supermarkets, how schools closed and how we could only go out of the house for the essentials. But we'll have our own individual stories too. What our routine looked like, how we spent time together as a family and even how we coped is surely going to look very different for everyone.

Right now, I really have no idea what our story might look like, but I'd like it to be more than the games we played and the things we baked. That's why I finally made the decision to start my own blog, yep, despite thinking about it for two years it took a virus to finally get me started. So here I am to capture our COVID-19 journey, my own thoughts and feelings, fears and moments of calm.

But when you look at the big picture, COVID-19 is surely just a chapter in a far bigger story. Quite a pivotal chapter, but still something that will pass and hopefully not take away too many of those key characters in our stories with it. So I'm hoping to share more of my story outside of COVID-19 with you too.

I know I could just write everything in a diary, but sometimes it helps to share. I've had some wonderful feedback from my blogs so far and gained some amazing insights from unexpected places already, so I'm just going to keep writing. You might not agree with everything I say, and that's ok, we're all different. But it's those differences between us that we can all learn from.

So if you are reading this, or have read any of my other blogs (although if you aren't reading this you won't see my thanks) thank you. It means so much to me.

Until next time, keep safe.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2024