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Why still Kara?

Summer fun with the little one

I've been blogging for a bit now, but as I finally take the plunge to rename my Instagram account (more on that on my insta feed) I thought I'd take the chance to tell you a little more about my blog title. It might be just a title to write under, but it's actually a little more than that to me and here's why.

When I finally decided to get some help and create my own blog I had loads of ideas about what I wanted to write, I'd started writing blogs just for myself a long time ago. What I didn't have was anything to tie it all together, other than the fact that everything was written by me. I don't live anywhere unique, I moved from the farm a few years ago now, I don't have an inspiring life story, it's not been boring, but it isn't going to be a best selling book and I didn't want it to be all about being a mum either.

Becoming an adult at a time when social media became popular had already helped me lose myself a little. The want to show friends and acquaintances how much fun life was, and the want to take one more picture because my chin looked a bit fat in the last shot, had started to feel a bit too normal. I didn't want to lose myself any further by blogging while hiding behind my son, throwing everything together and saying it's all just part of being a mum. Not all mums are the same after all, we don't just become the same because we have a child.

That's when I realised that being a mum had actually changed things more than I realised. Of course life was going to change, but my identity actually changed too. Going to baby groups I became Casey's mum, the register's were in the babies names, you'd ask other mums who their little one was and completely forget to ask their name. People would stop and chat to you because you had a baby, visits became about people meeting the baby, seeing the baby. It's a bit like you give birth and automatically become the babies PA, sorting their social calendar and arranging their down time.

Thinking about all this made me even more determined to create my own blog, build something that yes, might be a lot about being a mum, but is more about being me. I might not be able to tell you how to look good, or what the latest fashion is, I'm still trying to work that out for myself. I have no idea about skin care, or ways to boost your immune system, I just know what I like and sometimes I know what works for me. But really that's all ok, because I'm just here to be me again.

I might feel that I don't have a lot to offer compared to other bloggers, but if you do pop by from time to time for a read I can at least offer you honesty. That's what I realised was important to me, trying to take down the barriers, the things I hide behind and just discovering who I am again. I might be a daughter, a wife, a mum, a volunteer, but under all of that I'm still Kara. 

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024